About Us

Rice In Water (Mov ntse dej) – Your number one Source for Hmong people appreciation!

Thanks for stopping by our site for the people by people. Here’s some of our offerings:

Hmong Clothes


While we do not sell the traditional clothing, we refer to our style as Hmong clothes in a sense as well. Our shirts meet or exceed industry standards. For example, our standard printed t-shirt is at least 6oz and is 100% cotton. Guaranteed to offer you years of washes and comfort.

Hmong Design

The graphic designs of our products are specially catered to the Hmong community. We like a lukewarm style when it comes to humor. Enough to garner a giggle but not overly offensive.

Hmong Hat

Everybody loves a good Hmong style hat. We design, digitize, and embroider every hat we sell.


Hmoob Toj siab or simply Tojsiab. Now, we realize there’s a big fan base out there and we hear your request to create some awesome Hmoob Tojsiab designs for these custom Hmong t-shirts. It is a start and there will be many more to come.

Social Media

Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube! We encourage everyone to participate in helping us improve our products, designs, and services. We will also be providing freebies, as well as coupons and such so it will also be beneficial for you to friend or follow us.


We love to help out and work with the Hmong communities to make the world a better place for all.

Hmong Printer / Hmong Embroiderer


Did you know we make our own products? Yes, no outsourcing here, we not only design the products but also print or embroider them as well. We utilize only the highest grade of plastisol ink. We feel like plastisol can offer the best as far as quality, durability, and feasibility to our customers. The method we use to decorate our apparel is screen printing. Our maximum color capabilities are six, so we can do pretty much anything from soccer uniforms to full color photos.

With regards to embroidery, we also design, digitize, and embroider every item we sell utilizing the finest German thread onto the best Tajima powered machines. Whether you need tackle twill embroidery soccer uniforms for you team, or hats, t-shirts, polo’s for your business, we can handle it.

To inquire more about our additional services or if you need a quote for screen printing and embroidery, please reach out to us from the contacts page.

Thank you so much and oh, one more thing, listen to your elders Mloog koj niam thiab txiv)!