Welcome to Rice In Water!

Ngob Zoo, Koj puas yog Hmoob? Peb cov lus Hmoob tsis zoo, ces peb yuav hais lus Askiv. Welcome to our website! We stood up Rice In Water for one and only one purpose. That is to provide the Hmong people and or communities with awesome quality designs and Hmong clothes apparel. At the core of our mission is to provide awareness, exposure, laughter, and pride among the Hmong People. For example, if you’re Hmong and can’t read “cov ntsiab lus ntawm no”, then we recommend the Bing translator.

For now, sit down, relaxe and feel free to look around and check out the Hmong inspired designs. As we all know with Hmong humor, the use of satire and sacrcasm is must so please don’t be so easily offended. Even though we don’t have much, laughter is what has kept the Hmong people a strong and unified group. Keeping on the subject of laughter, how cool would it be for you to sport these with your profile on the Tojsiab website? Just kidding.


We are always striving to improve the products, website, and services, so please provide us with some honest feedback and or concerns through our Contact page and we will do our best to accommodate them. Without you, there’d of course be no us.

Note: We will soon have a blog section for all to help with new ideas and creativity for new designs and products. Of course we will make it worth your while by rewarding great ideas with freebies. There will be a voting system and contest for all to participate.

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As we don’t take life too seriously and believe a little laughter is good for the soul, we thank you for your interest and support in our website. Please keep up-to-date with “Rice In Water” by following us on social media. We are currently on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.


Check out how are custom hats are embroidered.